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The Tyrannicide Brief : Recent Reviews

“Fascinating insights – a work of great compassion and an essential read for anyone who believes in the fearless independence of the law”
John Cooper, The Times, 20th September, 2005

“Cooke’s role in history is worth remembering and it is told in this book with Geoffrey Robertson’s flair and advocate’s passion”
Justice Michael Kirby, The Bulletin, 20th August, 2005

“It is Robertson’s skill that he gives the story modern relevance… The book is ultimately a case for a UN convention against tyranny”
Sunday Mail, Adelaide, 21st August, 2005

“A stunning achievement”
Herald Sun, 27th August, 2005

“This is a work of erudition and passion in which Robertson displays his abilities to plot and recount a gripping narrative and to link the most awful event of the seventeenth century to even more awful ones of our own time”
Canberra Times, 3rd September, 2005

“Robertson writes briskly, lyrically and with humour – he makes the past such a ripping read”
Launceston Examiner, 3rd September, 2005

“Geoffrey Robertson has redeemed from obscurity an unsung hero of true greatness… And shed invigorating light on the course of the English civil war”
Robert Stuart, Spectator, 24th September, 2005


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